domenica 4 agosto 2013

Coding4Fun Toolkit 2.0.7

Versione 2.0.7 di Coding4Fun Toolkit rilasciata


  • SafeDispatcher.Run was added.
  • IsTypeOf extension now will work with stuff other than UI controls
  • Moved IsDesignMode to ApplicationSpace, will deprecate old reference next push
  • Moved CheckBounds to a number of helper extension class, will deprecate old reference next push
  • Added TimeSpan, Int, Double, Float extension helpers for CheckBounds, AlmostEquals
  • Added Numbers.Min, Numbers.Max for wrappers to Linq query for non-array wrapped numbers.
  • Deprecate the old nuget packages from Coding4Fun.Phone time frame, they should auto update now. I kept forgetting to hide them.
  • ImageTile - now have bitmaps with a delay create and background create
  • ApplicationSpace.RootFrame - direct reference to root frame of the application

Bug Fixes

  • TimeSpanPicker - DialogTitle works again
  • TimeSpanPicker - Max is now enforced for during initial set.
  • ChatBubbleTextBox - Fixed margin error
  • LockScreenPreview - text viewable in light theme
  • MemoryCounter - DispatcherTImer wasn't being properly destroyed
  • MemoryCounter - FrameNavigated getting called on leaving and reentering
  • ImageTile - FrameNavigated getting called on leaving and reentering
  • Designer Theme Change ObjectDisposedException bug fixed. Occurred when you flipped between Light and Dark theme

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